Full Legal Representation

    For your best piece of mind, full legal representation places your case fully in my hands.  With your consistent involvement, I will draft and file necessary documents, interview you and other witnesses, obtain evidence, file and argue motions, negotiate with opposing attorneys, present evidence in court and provide all other services to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.  

    Your payment for full legal representation begins with a retainer, which is a prepayment of legal fees.  Your payment is deposited in an account that belongs to you until fees are paid down at my hourly rate.  Filing fees, costs for law enforcement to serve the other party, and other costs are also withdrawn from that account.  Your retainer payment is not an estimate of your legal fees; it is a starting place.  If more fees accrue, you are responsible for overages at the time they are billed.  If funds remain in your account when our work together concludes, that money is refunded to you.

Limited Scope Representation

    In some cases, you may wish to represent yourself.  Iowa permits an attorney to assist you with self-representation in any capacity that we agree to.  Our relationship is based on a contract, so each of us understands what our roles are.  As your limited-scope attorney I may draft documents for you, assist with discovery, write up an agreement for you or perform other services.  The court and other parties will be aware of my relationship, and my name appears on any documents that I provide to you.  You will have the documents and advice you need in order to appear in court on your own behalf. 

    Your payment for limited-scope representation is a flat fee that is disclosed up front.  You pay the fee to commence our relationship, but it remains on deposit in an account in your name until our work together concludes.  If you need services in addition to those we agreed upon, additional fees will apply; but I will be there to help you however my assistance is needed.