Adoption is a wonderful gift for both the parents and for the child, but it is a complex legal undertaking with the possibility of grave consquences.  There are very specific steps, and everything must be done properly to insure a lifetime of security for your child and your family. 

    I have years of experience with adoption and will make certain that your adoption is proper and legal from start to finish.  As a licensed adoption investigator, I know intimately what the court's concerns are and how to satisfy all requirements.

    Adoption is not a speedy process and nor should it be.  It changes the life of a child and a family forever.  You can rest assured that I will be your partner throughout and will be available to answer your questions and keep the process moving along. 

    Guardianship protects both children and vulnerable adults who are in your care.  It provides a legal relationship between you and those you are caring for, which can be important when registering children for school, consenting to medical treatment, and making other important decisions.  The guardianship process has certain safeguards for all of those invovled:  parents, the child or vulnerable adult, and you.  Consult with me about the best way to establish that necessary legal relationship so you can most effectively care for those who need you.