Your Decree of divorce or custody is like a law between the two of you, but it is only enforceable by the two of you.  If the other party to your Decree is refusing to comply with its terms, there are consequences, but you need to take the necessary steps.  Make an appointment to discuss the problems and the solutions that are available to you.  Your Decree is the law and it's the rules.  Both parties should follow them.

    There can be disagreement on what the rules are, however.  If you find that you are struggling to comply with the terms of your Decree and are getting battered by disagreement and bad feelings, we should talk.  It's common for two parties to a Decree to disagree about the meaning of terms or how the rules should be implimented.  Our discussion can focus on what you're doing; what you need to be doing; and what the other party needs to be doing.  Once everyone understands the rules and expectation, things will function much more smoothly.