– Navigating the Appeals Process

An appeals process may be available if you have not achieved your objectives in trial court.  This second-bite opportunity exists for criminal matters and all aspects of civil law:  probate, property, small claims court, even administrative law. 

Appeals are time consuming and challenging; you will need experienced, professional help.  I will explain the process, evaluate your case, and offer you the best chance for success.

Timing is crucial for beginning your appeal.  If you wish to seek a judicial review, contact my office immediately.  If you miss a deadline for filing your appeal, you may have no recourse.

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Child Support

Child support is paid for the benefit of the child, and it cannot be waived by the parents because it is not the parents’ benefit.. Learn More


Decisions about parenting your children after parting ways are some of the most important decisions you will ever make. Learn More


Your Decree of divorce or custody is like a law between the two of you, but it is only enforceable by the two of you. Learn More


Divorce is a sad end to a wonderful time in your life, but it should not put a negative cast over the rest of your life. Learn More


The courts in our part of Iowa require that all parents making custodial decisions about their children attempt to reach agreement in mediation. Learn More


Once a custody determination has been signed and filed by a judge, it can only be modified in a formal, legal process. Learn More

Adoption & Guardianship

Adoption is a wonderful gift for both the parents and for the child, but it is a complex legal undertaking with the possibility of grave consequences. Learn More


An appeals process may be available if you have not achieved your objectives in trial court. Learn More

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