Child Support

– Helping you navigate the complexities of child support

Child support is paid for the benefit of the child, and it cannot be waived by the parents because it is not the parents’ benefit.  The purpose of child support is to provide the funds necessary to raise your children in the fashion that people with incomes similar to you and the children’s other parent earn.  There is no requirement that the dollars paid for child support go directly for items or services that benefit your children, however.  The monies paid simply increase the available money for the household in which your children reside. 

    The theory of child support is simple, but the practice is complex.  There are always decisions to be made, problems to be addressed, and challenges to be conquered.  Child support is a long-term obligation or benefit, and entering into an agreement or walking into a courtroom for a determination of child support should not be taken lightly.

    I can help.  There are numerous factors to consider when calculating child support, and often several aspects of parents’ separation interact and have an impact on child support.  As your attorney, my job is to work with you to achieve your goals and the best outcome for YOUR family.  

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