– Helping you make important decisions about your children

Decisions about parenting your children after parting ways are some of the most important decisions you will ever make.  It’s important to know your rights, the law’s safeguards for you and your children, and how to avoid pitfalls.  Even if you and your children’s other parent agree how best to parent your children going forward, any agreement is only binding if it is signed by a judge and filed in your custody action.


    Your determination of legal custody will govern who makes important decisions for your children for their entire childhood:  Medical, educational, religious and more.  Your determination of physical custody will control how and when your parent your own children; what influence you have on their upbringing day-to-day.  It also plays a large part in how child support is calculated and that final dollar amount.


    My office can assist you in reaching those important decisions and making choices that will be best for your children and for yourself.  If you and your children’s other parent have reached an agreement, I would be happy to discuss those choices with you and represent you in the process of finalizing your agreement and obtaining a Decree that will be as a law between you two parents.  An agreement is a great place to start, but it is not the conclusion of the process.

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