– The modification process can be challenging

Once a custody determination has been signed and filed by a judge, it can only be modified in a formal, legal process.  You need an attorney to reopen your custody case and make the changes that are necessary for the welfare of your children.

    The law tells us that a custody determation should only be changed for very important reasons.  There has to be a substantial change of circumstances that impacts the welfare of your children, and the change in custody must be in their best interest.  You will have to show that you can best take care of your children now. 

    The court does not want to change custody.  It understands that childrent thrive on consistency, but it also recognizes that situations change and children first need to be safe and taken care of.

    Contact my office.  We will talk about the process of modification and what you can achieve.  It may be a challenge, but it’s a challenge that you and I will take on together.

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