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Personal Data Protection and Preservation

We do not provide your personal information to anyone outside of our office and are barred from doing so by law.  Our relationships are protected by attorney-client confidentiality.  If you wish for our office to provide information to an outside agency or to speak about your case with anyone, you must tell us explicitly that you are given consent for that disclosure.

We are required by law to retain your legal file for no less than seven years.  Our office is electronic, and your documents are retained in a protected electronic format.  If you want or need a copy of any materials that we have on file you, simply ask.

Document Ownership

Your legal file is your property, but it is kept by our office.  We will provide a copy of your file at your request, but we do not have a policy of providing a complete copy of your file to automatically as part of our representation.  When our work together concludes, we will maintain your file in our system for seven years.  If you terminate our legal work relationship, we will continue to maintain a copy of your file in our system as provided by law. 

Contact Us

We are happy to discuss our privacy policy and document retention procedures at any time.  Simply contact the office for an appointment.